Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Maine

We maintain a small herd of high-quality ADGA-registered Nigerian Dwarf goats on our farm in Western Maine. We chose Nigerians because they produce a lot of sweet, creamy, delicious milk for their size – up to a half gallon or more per day. Their milk is higher in butterfat than milk from most other dairy goat breeds (or cows for that matter), so it tastes better. They’re friendly and easier to handle than full-size breeds. We initially got into dairy goats to increase our self-sufficiency. It didn’t take long to fall in love.

The phrase “Wait a minute” recognizes exuberance, saying “slow down or you’ll miss something!” We say “wait a minute” to our goats so often they think it’s their name. That’s how we came up with our herd name, Wait a Minute. Our goats are exuberant and exceptionally friendly. They love to snuggle. They know their names and come when they’re called (unless they’re eating something tasty, in which case they’ll come when they’re ready).

While our goats are adorable and affectionate, they also have a job to do: provide milk for our family and our local community. So our breeding decisions are based on high milk production, ease of hand milking, and temperament. All of our goats are tested annually and free of CAE, CL, and Johnes.  Test results are available upon request.

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Page last updated: February 21, 2022