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Merida is the granddaughter of ++B Old Mountain Farm Romeo and elite doe Old Mountain Farm Diva Doll. She is calm, quiet, and affectionate. She’s an attentive mother who gives birth quickly and easily. She is on milk test this year and has met the requirements to earn her AR star in all three categories (volume, butterfat, and protein). She produced over half a gallon a day for the first four months of her lactation, and is currently projected to produce over 1100 pounds of milk this year.

Dam: Creeping Thyme Farm Barbie
   DS: Old Mountain Farm Romeo ++B
   DD: Old Mountain Farm Diva Doll (elite)
Sire: AGS Whitbred The Jack of Spades *B 
   SS: AGS Whitbred Texas Hold ‘Em
   SD: AGS Whitbred Bucchi

SHORT N’ SWEET BUTTERCUP (will be 2*M) – DOB 3/7/20

Buttercup is Merida’s daughter. She’s gold with blue eyes, and was our lap goat until she got too big. She gave birth to triplets this year and is an excellent mother. She’s turning out to be a powerhouse milker as well. She is on milk test this year and produced a whopping 6.1 pounds at 52 days fresh – that’s around 3/4 of a gallon in one day! She has already met the requirements to earn her AR star in all three categories. She is currently projected to produce over 1400 pounds of milk this year – quite remarkable for a first freshener.

Dam: Creeping Thyme Farm Merida (will be *M)
   DS: AGS Whitbred The Jack of Spades *B 
   DD: Creeping Thyme Farm Barbie
Sire: Lindalls Goatstead London
   SS:Fruitful Hill Farm Howard
   SD: Creeping Thyme Farm Luna

SOUTH MOUNTAIN MOXIE (will be *M) – DOB 2/13/21

Moxie is very sweet, friendly, and adventurous. She is an absolute dream to milk! Her teats are long and easily express milk – she completely empties in under three minutes! Her granddams on both sides have Superior Genetics (SG), meaning they’re in the top 15% of the breed. She also has show champions on both sides of her pedigree. Her sire, and her dam’s sire, both have their +B, meaning they have at least three daughters (from different does) who earned their milk stars. Her dam’s dam is a 3rd generation milk star doe. This year was Moxie’s first freshening. She gave birth to a single buckling in record time, and is a very attentive mother. Moxie is on milk test this year and is projected to earn her milk star in all three categories, with volume close to 1000 pounds.

Dam: Denbow Acres Addelaide
   DS: GCH AGS Birch Ridge Farm MM Paparazzi +B VVE FS88
   DD: SG Painted Pepper PM Rapunzel V+VV FS86 3*M (elite)
Sire: J-Nels WT JJ Nelson +B VVE FS86
   SS: Gypsy Moon SM Wu Tang
   SD: SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe 3*M VVEE FS89


Radar is a blue-eyed stunner from Pennsylvania with powerhouse milking genetics behind him. His dam and both grand-dams have their Superior Genetics (SG) designation. Both parents and all four grandparents have earned their *B or *M. Both grand-sires are +B. Top-notch LA scores appear throughout the pedigree, most notably his sire’s dam’s score of VEEE90. Digging into production data a little deeper, we see that his dam and both grand-dams have percentile ranks over 90, milk volumes over 1000, and PTI21 scores over 130. Radar’s dam has plump, long, easily expressing teats that make hand-milking a breeze. As if all that weren’t enough, he is calm, gentle, and sweet, very much like Radar O’Reilly from the TV show M*A*S*H, for whom he was named.

Dam: SG Mini Land Ranch Sofia 2*M
   DS: Rosasharn Struts a Bit-A-Sonny +*B VEE88
   DD: SG Maplewood Hill Top Holly 1*M VEE+87 (elite)
Sire: Better Wayz Double MG Eddie *B
   SS: Better Wayz Sirocco’s Legacy +*B VVV87
   SD: SG Better Wayz Jewels Sparkle 1*M VEEE90

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